The Infrared Survey Facility: Past and Future

Organised under the South Africa/Japan Joint Science and Technology Research Collaborations with additional sponsorship from Professor Michael Feast

Venue: SAAO, Cape Town

Date: 2 – 4 March 2016

Registration deadline: 12 February  2016

The first two days of this workshop are open to anyone with an interest in the 1.4m IRSF and we welcome contributions on instrumentation, observations and/or related theory. Please fill in the registration form.

The meeting will start at 10:00 am  on 2 March, lunch will be provided on both days and a braai (bar-b-que)  will be organised for the evening of 2 March (at a small charge).

Japanese participants should contact for more information about the meeting, travel and other arrangements.

Others who want further information  should contact Patricia Whitelock –

On 4 March there will be a discussion which is open to members of the “Studies of the Milky Way Galaxy” collaboration and their students. This will focus on the plan for collaboration over the next year, covering transients and Galactic structure and anything else of common interest. We will start together, but may split into separate meetings for more detailed discussions. Lunch will be provided.